Mold In New Construction

The concern of mold in new construction is growing rapidly everyday, due to many new reports of serious health issues & complications after new builds.   With the concern reaching an all time high there is still not much being done to help prevent these mold issues in the first place.  Why you ask? Well to start, in most cases builders almost never add mold prevention/remediation expenses in their original proposals.  This leads to clients having to decide themselves later down the line whether they want to spend the extra expense to protect their investment.   This becomes a tough purchase for homeowners to make because it's not a visual luxury item. Newhomeowners don't think that there would ever be mold in a "new house", and nothing is usually done.  Lumber which has been uncovered to the elements for months is now left untreated or even cleaned is then often covered up behind walls! This mistake can end up being very costly for both the homeowner and the contractor going into the future.  The risk of property damage to mold increases, the liability of both the contractor & owner skyrocket, and the potential health concerns to the homeowners can be literally life threatening.   Homeowners with allergies, asthma, and children are at the highest risk of course.  This is why antimicrobials are the future of construction because they can be applied on virtually anything, are safe, and with electrostatic application can become very cost effective.   They provide the extra safety net on top of all other preventive products often used in new construction(insulation, etc.) that literally gives everything in the new home a long-term antimicrobial property.  Potentially, lumber, piping, toilets, baths, sinks.  Literally everything can become antimicrobial products with the newest technology that is out there.   Certain products can even be detected under UV light when applied by a professional.