15 Mold Prevention Tips

#1) Clean up any standing water. Mold begins to grow in less than 24 hours. This includes tubs and showers. Dry them after each use.

#2) Proper ventilation is very important. Air movement dries the structure.

#3) Control Humidity. Get a humidity gauge! You don’t know how humid a space is without it. Use dehumidifiers and fans to help lower the humidity. Keeping the humidity under 60% is important.

#4) Filter the air. Good furnace filters or air scrubbers with HEPA filters.

#5) Insulate air ducts that are exposed. Condensation from temperature differences can cause moisture issues.

#6) Pay attention to how water flows around your home. Go outside when it is safe and watch the water when it rains hard. Landscaping to move water away from your foundation can pay off a hundred to one, in dollars saved.

#7) Avoid keeping organic materials such a boxes, paper, and old wood in your space. Mold loves to use it as a host.

#8) Routine cleaning of your freezer and refrigerator. Keep it cleaned and disinfected and dispose of moldy foods.

#9) Be aware of indoor plants.The plants are good the soil is full of mold. Try using cedar mulch on top of the soil if you must have plants.Water only as needed.

#10) Eliminate clutter. Everything you have will get dust on it and mold is looking for it Move all furniture a few times a year to vacuum. The dirtiest places in most homes are where you eat and sleep. Most people never move their beds or refrigerators.

#11) Maintain your gutters, downspouts, and check to make sure your drains aren’t clogged. Roots and debris get in them and prevent the flow when it rains hard.

#12) Use neutral or acidic cleaners whenever possible. White vinegar 3 to one mixture will clean almost anything. Mold hates acids.

#13) Use your nose. Musty smells mean there is mold somewhere close.

#14) Essential oils such as thieves oil or thyme oil are great disinfectants. Essential oils are very safe, if mixed properly.

#15) Please keep the perimeters of your home mold free. Block walls, concrete, and siding all need to be kept clean so when you open a door or a window, all the mold spores don’t attack your home.