How to reduce harmful mycotoxin levels your homes?

We spend nearly 90% of our lives indoors. 

It is critical to our overall well-being that we reduce toxic molds from our homes and lives. 

So how does mold make us sick? It’s pretty simple actually.  Molds produce harmful mycotoxins which often become aerosolized and easily inhaled.   

Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites produced by fungi (molds) that are capable of causing cancer, disease, and even death.  

In a recent publication, The American Society for Microbiology stated that mycotoxins can be inhaled and should be investigated as parameters of indoor air quality, especially in homes with visible fungal contamination.

Also, they noted that the presence of indoor mycotoxins should be taken into consideration as an important parameter of air quality.  So what can we do to reduce mycotoxin exposure in our homes?

Here Are 5 Effective Ways :

1.) Have a professional remediate any visible mold growth.    

2.) Vacuum and dust your home consistently.  If you have carpets it is recommended you get them steam cleaned at least once a year.  Cleanliness is the easiet 

3.) Replace your air filters according to manufacturers recommendation, and get your air ducts cleaned every year. 

4.) Install a dehumidifier in your basement, and make sure your bathroom exhaust fans are working properly. Note, if your bathroom fogs up when you take a shower while your fan is running it is often a sign your vent needs replaced.  

5.) Have your home professionally treated with an antimicrobial prevention system.   ATG offers innovative prevention systems that not only remediate mold, but prevent it from coming back for years.